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Panchakarma Introduction



Panchakarma means five types of purificatory therapies
(Pancha means five and Karma means therapy).

As these five therapies for bio-purification of the body so they are collectively known as Pancha karma.
Panchakarma or five bio-purification measures are Vamana (Emetic Therapy), Virechana (Purgation therapy), Asthsapana Basti (Decoction Enema Therapy), Anuvasana Basti (Oily Enema Therapy) and Nasya (Errhine Therapy). this is one type of classification, the other one Asthapana and anuvasana basthi is considered as basti and the fifth one Raktha mokshana (Blood letting Therapy)

Prior to Panchakarma, it is necessary to make a patient biologically ready to expel the accumulated morbid material and this process is known as Purva Karma (Preparatory Measures). Viz Snehana and Svedana. Snehana means Oleation Therapy and svedana means Sudation therapy, some case pachana is also put under the purva karma (Pre-purification Measures)

Panchakarma or Pradhana karma
1) Vaman: therapeutic vomiting or emesis
2) Virechan: purgation
3) Basti: enema
4) Nasya: elimination of toxins through the nose
5) Raktalmoksha: detoxification of the blood or blood letting