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Our Mission And Vision

Our mission is to become the most admired company marketing ayurvedic products. To achieve higher levels of quality, customer satisfaction by delivering consistently efficacious and quality health care products.


Project - I

                Initially AYURKALPA will  work as super stockiest and distributor of the Ayurvedic medicine, of the mentioned companies all over the southern districts like Trivandrum, Kollam, Pathanamthitta, Kottayam, Alappuzha, Ernakulam our distribution and sales team work over these area.
                We will distribute our medicine in this project to the shop etc.

Project - II

                Extending business all over Kerala and some part of outside Kerala. Tie up with shops  and Panchakarma Kendra and resorts and other health center will be started. “AYURKALPA Panchakarma Centres”.

Project - III
                Franchising the AYURKALPA Panchakarma Centres. Advertising in the medicine’s, panchkarma instruments manufacturing unit, extending the marketing to the shopping malls and provisional stores.
                Professionalize the tie upped resort, panchakarma centre and health clubs with qualified doctors from AYURKALPA and good facilities

Project - IV

                Opening AYURKALPA perfect and fairness clinic all over Kerala, here slimming segment, yoga classes, beauty products etc. are used. Doctor will be available for treatment and consultation.

AYURKALPA Kshara Clinic
                This Clinic is specialized clinic for piles and fistula and skin diseases. Kshara Sutra and other operative procedures and Jalooka avacharana etc. procedures are carried out by our specialized and qualified AYURKALPA doctors.

AYURKALPA Wellness Clinic

                Introduction of AYURKALPA tourism products

                Health tourism
                Wellness tourism

Health tourism: -  Treatment for the diseased one at our resort and Panchakarma centre are done.

               Introducing Houseboat Panchakarma. “AYURKALPA Floating Clinic”.

Wellness tourism: - Wellness packages like Yoga classes. Prakruthi wise treatment, Diet therapy etc.

For public Interest
                Wellness and Health flyers will be printed and supplied in our store about new diseases and about household drug therapy.

AYURKALPA Naturopathy Centre.
                Here all the Naturopathic treatment procedure are conducted.

Franchising Products.

1.            AYURKALPA Stores
2.            AYURKALPA Panchakarma Centre
3.            AYURKALPA Naturopathy Centre
4.            AYURKALPA Kshara Clinic